MCProHosting is happy to extend free 5 day server trials to all looking to fight off the menacing Blast-O-Bot and save Christmas! The story begins with you, the player, really wanting the year's most popular toy Blast-O-Bot for Christmas. You wake up on Christmas morning to find the toy under your tree, but when you open the box the toy turns on you and you quickly discover your whole town is being taken over by all of the new...​

MCProHosting is helping you celebrate Halloween with MCProGhosting!

We're happy to announce our Pumpkin Plan that is absolutely free for anyone to use for 7 days! With our Pumpkin Plan you are able to experience the MCProHosting platform and gain access to our custom made Halloween map along with a bundle of pre-installed plugins.

More information about our Pumpkin plan can be found at the...​
Hello everyone!

I would like to take this time to introduce everyone to few changes that will be rolled out very soon!
There is a lot of exciting changes that I plan to include to make everyone's experience even more enjoyable.

I have compiled the following list to give a visual representation of a very small number of changes being made. All future changes will be in a sub-forum for all users to see.
  • Updated Permissions
  • New...
It is with a heavy heart that I announce that as of today, I will no longer be managing the forums here at MCProHosting. I have decided that it is time for me to move on from MCProHosting.
I wish everyone the best of luck running your servers. I hope they run smoothly, and without any problems.

From this moment on, @TylerD will be in charge of the forums. (That's Tyler Demarco) You all can direct any questions...
ANNOUCEMENT Hello Everyone!
My name is Tyler DeMarco, I have been with MCProHosting for many years now and have recently been added as the new Forum Manager! You will see me answering threads and adding new and exciting features, while replying to messages among other duties. I look forward to getting to know the users of our community as we answer server related questions together! If you ever have a question about MCProHosting feel free to send me a message.
Today is McProHosing's 4th Birthday!

Thanks to both the staff and clients for the great community we have here.

Check out our birthday celebration sale (95% off all pocket edition and Minecraft PC servers) ends tomorrow at 11AM EDT!
Server Plans


We have started our Back to School sale for 50% off your server for the first month. This sale only applies to new clients ordering a Minecraft PC or PE server.

Use this code during checkout to get the discount:
Please PM me if you have any questions.

We're happy to announce Minecraft Pocket Edition hosting. You can order your own MCPE server here: https://mcprohosting.com/plans?reset=1#/name?plans=pocket

These servers are running PocketMine. The software includes the following and more:
  • Plugin Support
  • Multiworld Support
  • Cheat Protection
  • Whitelist
You can find plugins here:...
Hello Everyone,

We have been thinking about running a MCPH community network for some time, and we wanted to know everyone's opinion about it. We have a great community here, and this might be a good way to expand it.

The idea is to create a network, and blog about how we do everything. That way you can copy our ideas and know exactly how we do everything. We would talk about everything from installing plugins to setting up dedicated...

Over 2000 people from around the world joined us in Florida for ArcadiaCon 2015. We got to meet tons of YouTubers, play in the PVP tournament hosted by The Nexus, enjoy a laser light show and rave at the Approaching Nirvana concert. The event was bigger and better than anything we could have imagined....