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by News at 1:42 PM
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It's easter so we at MCProHosting have decided to put on an Easter Egg Hunt!
We've hidden eggs all around our website.

If you complete the Easter Egg Hunt you'll get a code for 75% off new servers, upgrades, and addons!
Your time will also be posted on our leaderboard.

Join the hunt here:

The Eggs
The eggs hidden all around the MCProHosting website will look similar to this.

All you need to do is click the easter egg and it will be added to your basket.

Compete on the Leaderboard
See how fast your can collect all 10 eggs.
The fastest times will be presented on our leaderboard.

Hints and Tips
1. You're being timed from the moment you find your first egg, so be quick!
2. There are no easter eggs in the Billing Center
3. The eggs are...
by News at 9:54 PM
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We're happy to inform everyone about an awesome new upgrade coming to MCProHosting's infrastructure. Recently we've noticed the rise of both the frequency, and size of DDoS attacks hitting our network in part due to the new NTP amplification attacks that have been made known. These attacks are not very intelligent nature and rely on sending an excess of +50Gbps of data at any given node. Traditional DDoS protection mechanisms cannot possibly mitigate attacks of this scale, but despite this we are committed to providing the industry's leading service in every way possible, and we've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in new infrastructure to mitigate these new and ever increasing attacks.

We're happy to announce that MCProHosting has prepared over the past 6 months to provide the world's leading DDoS mitigation service to all clients at no additional charge. This DDoS mitigation service is multi homed and acts in 3 different mitigation centers in Los Angeles, New York, and...
by News at 5:12 PM
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Recently it has become known that all of Minecraft Multiplayer has been very flakey, while some users are reporting flawless connections with no downtime tens of thousands of other users are having trouble connecting to their favorite servers and tons of users had their Minecraft clients crash right before their eyes while playing!

We have a unique perspective over the entire situtation, we've been working with several large networks, including Hypixel and TitanMC, the Spigot community, and we've beein in touch with our friends at Mojang to confirm our findings. We're still looking for more information: if you have any, be sure to Tweet us!

So... what's the cause of all this?

Firstly the root cause, Spigot.
It was identified today at 4:08 PM EST that Spigot had a critical time handling bug that caused the current server tick count for ALL Minecraft servers running Spigot (this includes MCPC+) to crash, but not only did the servers themselves crash, all connected clients did due...
by News at 5:53 PM
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You guys asked for it, and MCProHosting delivered!

Starting today, your control panel will have a dark, slick new design. We had been using the old look for quite some time now, and we definitely agreed that it was time for a change!

If the control panel is looking a bit funny at the moment, you might need to clear your browser’s cache to see the completed new design.
How to clear your cache with Google Chrome
How to clear your cache with Firefox

We also have a ton of other awesome changes coming soon! If you have any comments about our new panel look, or would like to suggest something new, make sure to let us know on the official MCProHosting forums!
by MCPH-Matt at 10:54 AM
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Hey guys! Matt here.

I'm happy to announce that we've made some pretty awesome changes to the way that the forums work on the background, to you this means that you can access the forums from the following URLS: (default going forward) (prior link)
as well as

We've invested quite a bit in these forums to allow you guys to have a place to publically voice your opinion and get help. We've implemented 2048 bit EV SSL encryption (industry leading) on our fourms now (as you can see by the pretty icon at the top left of your browsers URL bar!). This means that every word you type here, including passwords and E-Mail addresses, is highly encrypted before being sent back to our servers. Ultra secure!

We hope you enjoy the changes that we've made to the forums, you should notice less errors,...
by Alan at 7:32 PM
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We’re happy to announce that Hypixel, one of the largest Minecraft servers on the planet, has been back with MCProHosting since the 2nd of this month! As a celebration, we had 75% off promotion for our Dirt plan and above, and even included 8,000 coins for the games on Hypixel’s server! MCProHosting shared the excitement with the community, and we’re happy to say, our promotion isn’t over yet.

Since the community showed their love for the promotion, we’ve decided to extend a NEW promotion through all of March! Just like our last promotion, this one will continue to be 75% off all plans, with a twist.

In addition to all plans being 75% off, (including our Dirt and Air plans), all add-ons AND upgrades will be 75% off too! We’ll even throw in 8,000 coins for Hypixel’s server as well!

What does this mean?

Well, that means you can buy a Dirt plan for just...
by MCPH-Nate at 2:41 AM
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In case you guys haven't seen, we are running a promotion right now with the return of Hypixel to our Network. Clicking the image above will apply the 75% off for all servers above the Air Plan. This offer ends very soon, so make sure you take advantage of it!

You can read more about this in a post on

by Alan at 9:52 PM
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Ladies and gentlemen of the MCProHosting forums, please bring your hands together to welcome Phstuff as Moderator!

For a long time now, he's been one of the most prominent of our forum members, making him the perfect candidate to be our first Moderator!

For further updates check the News section of the forums, our Announcements page, and our Twitter feed!
by Alan at 9:43 AM
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Hello! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas MCProHosting clients!

We hope you're all enjoying the Christmas season with your friends and families. However, we'd like you to remember that during the festivities, our staff are also spending time with their loved ones - as such, please expect a slight stunt in our support speed.

A few little pieces of information:

You can stay up to date with what's happening in the world of MCProHosting on our Announcement Page within the client area.
Updates will be upcoming on what we're planning for the rest of the holidays, you can find updates on our Twitter, in the Forums news section, and the previously mentioned Announcements Page.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas everyone!
by Alan at 8:28 PM
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To celebrate the holiday season, MCProHosting has given all its clients a few Christmas Presents:

The first present we're giving you is our holiday sale. 75% off EVERYTHING - add-ons included!

Our second present is a Minecon 2013 cape - we'll be giving this out as a giveaway prize. The contest starts on the 15th of December, and the lucky winner will be announced on Christmas morning!

Finally, don't forget about the ProPack - its epic release is coming soon.

How do you feel about all these presents? How has MCProHosting impcated your holidays? Or even if you just want to say something random - check out the MCProHosting Forums news section and leave us a comment.

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for more updates on what's going on in the world of MCProHosting.