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  1. Marsguard
  2. HarryWills
    HarryWills Dusty A
    Is there a way to add people to your control panel without them knowing your details? Like add a different account to your control panel.
  3. ✯Sophie✯
    Hey look I'm back lmao
  4. TylerD
    If you would like to get in contact with me here on the forums, please create a conversation. To do so click "Information" on my profile.
  5. BlueBubbles9999
  6. ✯Sophie✯
    Goodbye everyone! I am leaving the community. I might not be returning for a while. Goodbye friends. You will be deeply missed. *sigh* :-:
  7. ✯Sophie✯
    Hi I'm ✯Sophie✯. My server is under construction but the MCPH team and my mods will help my server grow and rise so people can play on. Bye
  8. Setless
    Feeling like a Plugins Noob.
  9. AYK
    AYK TylerD
    Bro I cant log onto my account on the main site help me
    1. TylerD
      Jul 31, 2017
  10. Crafty
    Just want my kids to always be happy. <3
  11. andrew briones
    andrew briones Cory
    i was wondering how to cancle my sever monthly cost
  12. Mitsu_Miya
    Mitsu_Miya ChrisC
    Do you think you can help me? Sorry i'm a noob lol. But I have always wanted a server so I am using Aternos. But I am using Bukkit on the server. The problem is, is it gives me this error Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? Running 9289ms behind, skipping 185 tick(s).
    I dont know how to fix it please help me!
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    2. Mitsu_Miya
      Ok so I fixed it but uh..I typed /Ignoreclaim
      How do i Unignore it? .-. now i cant claim anything!
      Jul 5, 2017
    3. ChrisC
      I believe you are able to us /Ignoreclaim to unignore. Unless it has changed. Is this Grief Prevention?
      Jul 6, 2017
    4. Mitsu_Miya
      yes it is
      Jul 6, 2017
  13. Jumbo
    How much are garys mod servers?
  14. Matin
    Matin Jumbo
    Hello Jumbo, saw your message on the shout feature of the forums ("I need help") How may I assist you? :)
  15. AlexTheCraft
    help i cant log in to console
  16. Matin
    If you need any help shape or form, Please shoot me a private message! I don't bite I promise. :)
  17. Matin
    Matin TylerD
    That moment we both use the term "Shoot me a message".. Copy cat! :P
  18. Fenrik
    The cake is a lie.
  19. Fishie
    Fishie mechcalvin
    Hey mechcalvin! I watch your YouTube videos!
  20. DiamondTubeYT
    DiamondTubeYT TylerD
    Hey, Tyler, I've been modding my server again, and I did like I have always done, yet when I try to boot it up it goes to 100 memory and cpu, but then it crashes. Im using 1.10.2 mods, and forge.