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  1. EGEC
    EGEC TylerD
    Hello TylerD what is your minecraft user name?
  2. urmila
    hii how r u
  3. xSrPenenon
  4. Aceblade
    I just wanted to know why the server crashes on startup, but nope, can't have that it seems.
  5. Aceblade
    So I have to wait for how long for a moderator to approve my post? That seems really, really ridiculous. Considering I can't submit a ticket
  6. Ellie
    rip mcph forums.
  7. Nore
    Nore joker15x
    Congrats about graduating!
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  8. SophieIsPossiblyAPie
    release all of the noises in your mind...
  9. SophieIsPossiblyAPie
    SophieIsPossiblyAPie jacksharkben
    jacksharkben do you have a server?
    1. SophieIsPossiblyAPie
      I mean most likely but still
      Apr 2, 2018
    2. jacksharkben
      na but I still help people
      Apr 15, 2018
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  10. SophieIsPossiblyAPie
    RIP My cat Kozi. Died walking up my front stairs, trying to get to my window. She had a dogs bite in her neck, and died aged 14. RIP, Kozi.
  11. Natogamestar
    Natogamestar jacksharkben
    daaanm your still here aswell :D
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  12. TheGridSupport
    Hi, this is me in 2018! It's been so long! But I have bad news: I'm gone forever. If you send me a message don't expect a fast response.
  13. Lilly16
    Hey feel free to message me for the discord for my server :)
  14. joker15x
    Need help with somethin? Ask me and I'll do my best. :D
  15. Chrondore
    Chrondore ChrisC
    Brand new member here. Where do i go to find servers for xbox one minecraft? Do they not exist? If they don't i have pocket edition, where would i go to find those?
    Please help me! how to create a server ???
  17. joker15x
    joker15x Alexiri
  18. End3rdragon_
    End3rdragon_ ChrisC
    Hi, i'm having a problem where it says, "Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? Running 2428ms behind, skipping 48 tick(s)". I don't know if its a mod problem and its on this website too. Please help as soon as you can thank you.
    1. ChrisC
      You could be right that it may be a mod issue. I'm not that experienced with mod's but sry. I recommend posting a tread & contact support for more range of support is still needed.
      Nov 20, 2017
  19. GalvanizedGames
    Question, Does McProHosting build your minecraft server (spawn area, warps, ect.) and do the plugins for you ?
  20. jacksharkben
    jacksharkben ChrisC
    happy birthday