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  1. Laahcta
    Hello! Welcome to my wall
  2. joshiep478
    joshiep478 Kevin L
    in my server in the creative tabs the modded stuff dosent show and its just not there but it says it is what should i do?
    1. joshiep478
      now it shows up but we cant place it
      Apr 7, 2019
    2. joshiep478
      and it says vanilla
      Apr 7, 2019
    3. Kevin L
      Kevin L
      Hey joshiep!

      I am so sorry you're experiencing this issue! Due to this problem, I would recommend submitting a ticket to our modpacks team here:

      Our modpacks team will be able to investigate your server further to ensure your mods are setup properly!

      If you have any other questions, please let me know and I would love to help!

      Best Regards,
      Kevin L.
      Apr 8, 2019
  3. EnderBossPro
    EnderBossPro ChrisC
    Hi I have a question. Basically I want to know if when kettle gets bungee support in the upcoming future if I’ll be able to use kettle servers in my bungeecord network on mcprohosting or is there like some limitation on mcprohosting keeping me from doing something like this? btw kettle is a new type of server it’s basically a merger between spigot and forge servers.
  4. BHL
    So what this means is be nice and polite, so everyone's comfortable! Oh what a sight!
  5. BHL
    A hot idea from a really warm thought, brings comfort to those frozen in doubt.
  6. BHL
    When it starts getting cold, there's only one thing that should be told.
  7. BHL
    Well I'm official! I'm being outspoken and assertive as best as I can!
  8. Lone_Wolf
  9. BlqckHeart
    BlqckHeart Kevin L
    yo, I have a big problem. it put my gmail as the owner of my server, and not my actual name. which is BlqckHeart
  10. johny de wouters
    johny de wouters
    he can anyone help me? every time I start up the server for my mudpack it keeps on stopping
  11. Lilaaa_
    Lilaaa_ Kevin L
    Happy new year!
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    2. Kevin L
      Kevin L
      You too Lilaaa_! :)
      Jan 1, 2019
  12. lorettafiller90
  13. ji123
  14. Ali.f
    Ali.f Kevin L
    I want to make a nice server i know somw basics from few years ago but i need to learn again plz show me the topics that might help me from start to end thankyou
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    2. Kevin L
      Kevin L
      Dec 3, 2018
  15. Ali.f
  16. Upack
    Corrugated Packaging Boxes Online- Lowest Prices
  17. _ItzAmberStarBoy
    I will help you instantly with plugin if your plugin I use
  18. _ItzAmberStarBoy
    Love to help with Spigot/Bukkit issues
  19. Kieran
    Chicken Nugs
  20. NightingaleZK
    "If I had a dollar bill for all the things I've done There'd be a mountain of money piled up to my chin"
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