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Aug 7, 2013
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Active Member, Male

If you would like to get in contact with me here on the forums, please create a conversation. To do so click "Information" on my profile. Jul 31, 2017

TylerD was last seen:
Dec 29, 2017
    1. EGEC
      Hello TylerD what is your minecraft user name?
    2. TylerD
      If you would like to get in contact with me here on the forums, please create a conversation. To do so click "Information" on my profile.
    3. BlueBubbles9999
    4. AYK
      Bro I cant log onto my account on the main site help me
      1. TylerD
        Jul 31, 2017
    5. DiamondTubeYT
      Hey, Tyler, I've been modding my server again, and I did like I have always done, yet when I try to boot it up it goes to 100 memory and cpu, but then it crashes. Im using 1.10.2 mods, and forge.
    6. Sicnus
      Any idea when bukkit 1.12 would be available? You can download it from craftbukkit.
      1. jacksharkben likes this.
      2. Matin
        (Just a curiosity) Have you set it as your custom.jar?
        Jun 25, 2017
    7. PixelGamer32
      Hello, tyler, i have a small problem with the Votifier public key, i cannot open it with Keynote, and if i open it with anything else, it just gives me a jumble of words and letters, i really want to get Votifier set up on minecraft forums, thanks!
    8. JamescrisRyan
      hi Tyler, where is singapore hosting datacenters? i can't find it with the selection location. i am planning to buy Stone Plan with singapore hosting datacenters but cannot found it , I hope you can help me Thanks!!
    9. andre wilson
      andre wilson
      hey Tyler this is Andre again i am experiencing long response times again when i put in a ticket hoping you can help me again Thanks! !!!!!
      1. Matin
        Hello Andre,
        Don't forget the staff members at MCProHosting get 600/800+ tickets daily so all I recommend for you doing is to be patient. :)
        Jun 25, 2017
    10. ironic_oger
      I filled out all the information to make a server and put in my credit card information and obviously hit allow but my server isn't up and running.
      1. TylerD
        Hello! I apologize for the delayed response. We will be more than happy to look into this for you. Please submit a ticket to our Billing department to proceed further: https://mcph.info/support
        Apr 27, 2017
    11. joker15x
      Nice profile pic. :D
      1. jacksharkben and TylerD like this.
      2. TylerD
        Thank you :D
        Mar 24, 2017
    12. jacksharkben
      Love the icon :)
      1. TylerD likes this.
      2. TylerD
        Thank you :)
        Mar 21, 2017
    13. Matin
      Hello there Tyler,
      Is there anyway I could possibly message you privately, regarding a Job. :-) Cheers in advanced. -Matin
      1. TylerD
        My messages are open :) Feel free to click "Information" > "Start a conversation". However if you have any inquiries about open positions please head over to our jobs page located here: https://mcprohosting.com/about/positions
        Feb 27, 2017
        Matin likes this.
    14. JackForuming
      Hey Tyler, if I download a rollback plugin, will it roll back to times BEFORE I got the plugin, or no? Also, I can't join my mc server because this HUGE clump of spawned villagers always crashes it. Is there anyway to kill the mass crowd of villagers so I can rejoin?
      1. TylerD
        Hey Jack!

        Unfortunately when installing a rollback plugin to your server you will only be able to rollback to what he plugin has stored meaning you will not be able to rollback to a previous time on the server prior to the plugin's installation. In regards to your last question there is a program called MCedit that should do the trick for you :)
        Feb 20, 2017
    15. Kaitlynchan
      Hey Tyler, can I have one server stand in both of Canada and China? Is that possible?
      1. TylerD
        With a single server this is unfortunately will not work well. If you wish to have a server in both Canada and China 2 separate servers will be needed.
        Feb 15, 2017
    16. Julianna Devone
      Julianna Devone
      Hey Tyler- are you around? I have a question about Mods and the Plugins package I purchased. I am trying to fill out the list of mods I need and I have a few questions when you have time.
      1. TylerD
        Of course! I created a conversation with you.
        Feb 3, 2017
    17. MunchMC_Rules1234
      i just made a server whats the IP?
      1. TylerD
        I apologize for the delayed response. You should have received a product welcome email of which contains your server's numeric IP address. If you are having trouble locating the email please check your junk/spam folder to see if your email provider filtered it.
        Jan 30, 2017
    18. bri20
      Can Standard Minecraft Players Play Plugin Packs Core?
      1. TylerD
        If you wish to utilize plugins you will need to install the Bukkit or Spigot server type and be running on the Dirt plan +. Standard minecraft (Vanilla) by nature is unable to run plugins.
        Jan 21, 2017
    19. DiamondTubeYT
      i just solved the problem myself so nvm Thanks tho
    20. DiamondTubeYT
      and Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException and 01.01 13:58:16 [Server] INFO Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.minecraftforge.fml.relauncher.IFMLLoadingPlugin but no out of memory
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