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    Hello everyone!
    Are you looking for a plugin to protect your builds, your spawn, and your players? Then we’ve got a real treat for you today, anti-grief plugins! Today, we’ll go over 3 different anti-grief plugins with very different functions, so make sure to read on!


    WorldGuard is by far the most used plugin for anti-grief. Its functions are extremely diverse and the plugin itself is very easy to use. This is because WorldGuard uses WorldEdit’s tools to define an area you’d like to protect.

    WorldGuard will protect a region the instant it is created, this is because you are listed as an owner of that region and non-owners are unable to edit a space by default. This means you only need to create the region to protect a basic space. However, if you’re creating a ‘spawn’ area, you can also set ‘flags’, such as ‘feed-delay’, ‘interact’, and ‘chest-access’ to name a few of the more useful flags.

    I’d greatly recommend WorldGuard to all servers, as it’s user-friendly and has many more features that are not mentioned here. WorldGuard also has many useful add-ons available, including ExtraFlags, and AreaShop for selling regions.


    Looking for a plugin that allows your players to protect themselves? Have you played on a server before and been given a golden shovel? This is the reason golden shovels have become so popular, GriefPrevention by default uses a golden shovel to allow players to claim regions.

    Claiming regions can be done manually using the shovel, or by placing a chest. Once claimed, the area is automatically assigned to that player and is protected from other players.

    Claimed regions can be edited to allow players to use gates, mobs, and other settings. However, the best feature is the ‘trust’ command, which allows a player to trust a friend or family member in their region so they can make edits and access objects.

    This is the best plugin to use if you want a comprehensive plugin that allows players to define their own space. GriefPrevention can even give out more claim blocks depending on the amount of time a player has been on a server, so it makes a great loyalty reward.


    Looking for a plugin that’s anti-grief without allowing your players to claim areas themselves? Then CoreProtect would work best for you. CoreProtect can be used alongside both plugins above and simply logs blocks. Yes, it logs block placements, breaks, and interactions.

    This plugin is best to see what items a player took from a chest or to see who may have broken that dirt home you’ve been busily building.

    While the overall features of this plugin are limited, its feature of keeping track of block interactions is its main function, and it does that extremely well.

    We recommend this plugin for all servers that want to be able to rollback builds, just in case of an issue. You can even rollback a specific username, so only those interactions are undone. Just keep in mind that you may want to clean the database for the plugin every once in a while to keep it running smoothly.

    We have a great guide available for installing plugins here: https://clients.mcprohosting.com/knowledgebase/32/How-to-Manually-Install-Minecraft-Plugins.html

    If you experience issues with the installation or setup of this plugin, feel free to contact us at any time by opening a chat with us between 12 pm and 9 pm EST or by submitting a ticket: https://mcprohosting.com/contact
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    What a rare sight to see you on here Samantha. This list will help a lot of newbs to the community. I personally favor WorldGuard, I've been using it for years.
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