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    Looking for a permissions plugin, but aren’t sure what plugin to use? We’re here to break down the capabilities of each plugin and the best server formats for their use.


    GroupManager is a great well-rounded and user-friendly plugin. The commands for this plugin are easy to understand and the plugin comes pre-equipped with a per-world setup.

    This plugin functions the best for servers that plan on using multiple worlds or game modes, as this is where this plugin excels the most. GroupManager permits you to not only allow per-world-permissions, but you can also allow players to be in a specific group in that world. This means a player could be a ‘Warrior’ in your Factions world, but an ‘Artist’ in your Creative world. Doing this allows you to disable specific commands in each world, such as disallowing Factions commands in your Creative world using permissions alone.


    PermissionsEx is a slightly more advanced plugin than GroupManager, with more comprehensive commands. Including those that can be used to assign a rank ladder and commands that allow you to assign more than one group to a player.
    These commands follow a simple pattern of '/pex' for PermissionsEx, then an identifier, such as 'group' or 'user'. Once an identifier is specified, you can insert what user or group you'd like to edit, this is a variable. Once you specify the player or group, you'll then need another identifier, such as 'prefix', then the variable for the identifier. An example command can be found below:

    /pex user <user> prefix [newprefix]

    PermissionsEx is best used for BungeeCord networks or servers that are looking for a bit more functionality than GroupManager. Such as MySQL functionality and temporary permission functions.


    LuckPerms is an all-inclusive plugin with many different functions. However, it can be difficult to get started with this plugin. It includes many advanced functions, such as MySQL and other storage options.

    LuckPerms is best for users that are familiar with plugins or command-based plugin configuration. This plugin also works great with BungeeCord services and even includes functionality for per-server permissions.

    Overall, I hope this has helped you with selecting the perfect permissions plugin for your server!

    We have a great guide available for installing plugins here: https://clients.mcprohosting.com/knowledgebase/32/How-to-Manually-Install-Minecraft-Plugins.html

    If you experience issues with the installation or setup of this plugin, feel free to contact us at any time by opening a chat with us between 12 pm and 9 pm EST or by submitting a ticket: https://mcprohosting.com/contact
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