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    Most of you know already how to add color to your server's MOTD which appears in your server list. This is what I mean:
    To add color, first you need to go to your multicraft panel. Afterwards, select at the menu at the left side "Files" and then "Config Files". Open the one called "Server Settings. Now, these are the color codes:
    • \u00A70 = Black
    • \u00A71 = Dark Blue
    • \u00A72 = Dark Green
    • \u00A73 = Dark Cyan
    • \u00A74 = Dark Red
    • \u00A75 = Purple
    • \u00A76 = Orange
    • \u00A77 = Light Grey
    • \u00A78 = Dark Grey
    • \u00A79 = Lilic
    • \u00A7a = Light Green
    • \u00A7b = Light Cyan
    • \u00A7c = Light Red
    • \u00A7d = Pink
    • \u00A7e = Yellow
    • \u00A7f = White
    • \u00A7l=Bold
    • \u00A7o=Italicized
    • \u00A7n=Underlined
    • \u00A7m=Strikethrough
    • \u00A7k= "Matrix" effect
    Put this before your message, save the file, and you're done! Hope this helped :D
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    Forgot about those :eek: I'll add them, thanks :D
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    it was really helpful thanks :D
    an if u play pixelmon come check my server out ;)
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