Best Minecraft: Java Edition Protection/Anti-Grief Plugins [1.13]

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    Anti-Grief Protection is an extremely important feature on a server, whether you’re protecting your spawn as an Owner, your town on a Towny server, or your base in a survival server!

    We know how important protecting your server can be, so we have included a detailed list of the best anti-grief protection plugins out there to help you protect your server, and to help your players protect their builds!

    WorldGuard *requires WorldEdit
    Powerful Region and World Protection
    Updated to 1.13.2
    WorldGuard is a powerful protection plugin offering the ability to easily select and create protected regions on your server. WorldGuard also includes a vast flagging system, to customize your regions how you see fit!

    Grief Prevention
    Player and Admin Claim Protection
    Updated to 1.13.2
    Grief Prevention is a strong tool for survival based servers, allowing players to claim and protect their builds through the use of a golden shovel. Grief Prevention even includes protection for containers such as chests and furnaces!

    Town Claiming and Protection
    Updated to 1.13.2
    Towny is a unique town building plugin, allowing players to create and up-keep their towns. The more a town grows, the more land a town Owner can claim and protect. Towny towns also include the ability for in-town plots, the ability to include rent, in-town ranks such as Residents, Mayors, and Kings!

    Factions *requires Massivecore
    Land Claim, Protection, and War
    Updated to 1.12.2
    Factions is a unique land claim plugin, which includes the ability to alliance with and wage war against other players on a server! Leaders of a Faction can control who can edit to Faction claim.
    *For 1.13+ servers, you can use FactionsOne as an alternative to the regular Factions/Massivecore plugins.

    These plugins are compatible with the latest Spigot and Bukkit 1.13.2 versions of Minecraft: Java Edition.
    You can install these plugins to your server manually by following this guide!

    Having any issues? Contact our Live Chat between the hours of 12PM to 9PM EST or submit a ticket to our Plugins team for assistance!

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