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    Brutal Pvp is a Factions based server that offers:

    -Custom Enchants


    -Claim system

    -Amazing Community

    -Very experienced staff

    -Very experienced Owner

    -Invite Rewards

    -=Custom Enchants=-

    Like many other faction servers, we have custom enchants. Ranging from Pickaxes, Armory, and Weaponry!

    Enchants such as Overload, that give you extra hearts while wearing the pieces.


    Similar to other servers, there will be a raiding system.

    -Sand Stacking

    Sand Stacking is a type of cannon that uses sand to stack up to the enemies base so you can get a direct target on the hole you would like to blow into the base.

    -Complex Cannons

    On BrutalPvp you can build the most complex cannon you know, and still be able to raid a base!

    -Simple Cannons

    No matter the type of cannon, if its an original, or a complex, you can still raid any base in any amount of time.

    -=Claim System=-

    With a Faction claiming system, you will be able to claim land to make it harder for people to raid your base.

    Simple Commands with the plugin would be...

    -/f claim: Claims the land you are standing on

    -/f Autoclaim: Claims the land in your path as you walk around

    -/f claim [chunk (s)] : Allows you to claim a certain chunk of land

    -/f unclaim: Unclaims the land you own. (Must be standing)

    -=Media Recruitment=-

    We are also looking for content creators to help recruit. Same thing applies, there will be an application for Media in #applications (Will pay for good upload schedule on the server/Trailers of the server)


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