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    UPDATE: AS OF 1/6/19 we have pushed forward a number of mods to their newer versions. Follow the instructions below.

    2 Ways to get to the server.

    Way 1)In Twitch app under mods go to 'BROWSE ALL MODS' and search BY THE SWORD, download and connect. There is also a curseforge link if you are able to run the pack by other means

    Way 2) FTB Revelations 2.6 and then you need to add this addon mod pack here!!!! . All off of curseforge. Drop the mods into your curse/mincraft/instances/ftb rev/mods folder, overwrite any. The server is now running on FORGE 2801.

    The server discord is I would read the #acknowledgement channel.

    We have an awesome world gen, base defense mods, and a whole slew of other mods that are not usually part of the FTB stock.

    Anarchy server slight of two rule exceptions. Exception 1) There is to be no murder, theft, griefing on a set of plots located around the spawn, these have a 'shire' title. Even if you have means of an exploit that bypasses any guards you are not to use them in those specific areas. Anywhere else is fair game. I want these locations to be a place where that isnt going to be a concern for players, and it gives you the chance to be cheeky in towne and an *** out on the fieldXD.

    Exception 2) You will not partake in activities that the specific intent of changing the servers ability to run smoothly. This server has a mash of mods and I'm certain we will come across things/conflicts as time goes along. We will take this as this goes.

    Everything else is fair game.

    It seems to take 2 attempts to log on, regardless of where you come from. Make sure you have given minecraft enough RAM in the twitch launcher settings.

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