Celebrating 5 years of MCProHosting

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By TylerD on Sep 5, 2016 at 2:06 PM
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    Hello everyone!

    To celebrate our 5 year anniversary we are excited to offer 30% off your first 4 months! Any plan you want, 30% off for the rest of the year. Sign up before September 31st by clicking here to check out the great prices! For our existing clients, all addons are also 30% off all month long. So if you’ve got a pesky plugin problem or fancy having MCPro create you a brand new modpack, now is the time!


    And we’re just getting warmed up! To say thanks to all the fans of MCPro we’re also launching a brand new plugin pack!

    The Creative plugin pack was designed with the intentions of removing the hassle to create, generate, edit, configure, and assign tasks just to get everything running by default for a creative server. We have simplified the process by completing all of that for you. You just need to click on the plugin pack and install it on your server! Read more about the Creative plugin pack here.

    If you like giveaways and knowing the latest news and goings on at MCProHosting then be sure you follow us on Twitter @MCProHosting and Facebook


Discussion in 'News' started by TylerD, Sep 5, 2016.

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