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    I have had my server via MCPH for four years. I'm not going to talk about what I paid for it, as I find it irrelevant. My testimony will cover MCPH's ever growing spotty customer service.

    The company headed off on the right foot when I was looking for a host for minecraft. They had limited staff and they all worked around the clock to make things work for you.

    My first ticket sent in was regarding their web page layout. Dependent on the browser, their add-ons appeared as white text on white background. After swift communication, it was fixed, and I was able to purchase add-ons. I purchased the sub-domain add-on.

    For a few months, I was getting two bills. One for my regular service and an entirely separate one for my add-on. Having worked at a company that deals in billing, usually this kind of 'upgrade' to the service shows prorated bills or the like so that one bill can be consolidated and issued. My bank was refusing to allow the $0.30 on auto pay. A few days back and forth with MCPH, they issued me a refund as they no longer charge for sub-domain.

    From then, and to this day, sub-domain that I've registered works, but does not show anywhere on my end that it exists or is active.


    Active, but not reflective on my end.

    A few months later, I find out that the unlimited slots addon I had been paying for was not active. Sent in a ticket, they refunded me the money, told me it's resolved. Kept billing me for said add-on but the add-on was still not active, so I sent in a ticket again. They refunded me again and activated it for me.

    So now I'm quite wary of what I'm being billed for, much more than before. I notice this on the bills as well:


    To note, I am being billed the proper sum amount. I just have no idea what "Backup Upgrade: 0 x 10GB $1.99 USD" is about. So I send in a ticket. I get this as a response:

    So I send in another ticket:
    and get

    So I tried to apply for the subdomain. But it exists. So I cannot register it, because I registered it before and it's active on my server but I can't apply for it on my server. See where I'm getting a bit frustrated?

    So whatever. I'll leave this be. My server is functioning and I'm not being charged extra. I bought my own domain and now my server's IP is directed from the website domain so I don't care about the subdomain either.

    Server does well awhile. A few times here and there, MCPH does a few new things to enhance support here and there like twitter or live chat off or live chat on. I've run into a few problems that I've had to bug people about via live chat.

    I worked in customer service as a tech. We always ask that customers provide as much info as possible. And with MCPH, I've quite often run into problems with : "I've tried restarting and taking out these plugins but I'm still receiving the same error"
    and get in return: "Please try restarting your server. And so and so plugins may contribute to the error, so please remove them and see if there is any change"

    Eventually, I purchase premium support that really isn't well described. Do we use it through live chat or tickets? So I sent in a ticket anyway about a problem I've been having with a plugin for years. Their response was for me to contact the plugin developer. Did I really pay extra just to have them send me to the plugin developer? So after a few back and forths, I decided that it's a HUGE waste of money and I unsubscribed from premium support. To this day, even with the contacting of plugin developer, I don't have a fix for the issue.

    Today, I haven't been able to boot up my server. The twitter for mcph support says 24/7 response since I couldn't find live chat on the website. No reply. None. 0. For hours. From 7am to 12pm. I literally just got a response now.
    Live chat hours of operation isn't available anywhere as far as I can tell. But at least now MCPH has told me they operate 12pm-9pm.
    I sent in a ticket as well, but I sent it in knowing I wasn't likely to hear a response for at least a day or two.

    I really wish MCPH made their support a bit more transparent. Maybe a dedicated contact us button on the footer or hours of livechat operations in the support button on the upper right of the sight? I'm sure I'm one of the rare few who runs into these problems, but I've run into them -I feel- one too many times.
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    I would first like to thank you for the 4 years that you have been with us and I am sorry to hear about the issues you have faced! We deeply apologize for any inconvenience, and we will be more than happy to work with you to resolve any outstanding issues.

    To address a few concerns mentioned in your testimonial, it is never our intentions to provide a poor experience. We are always looking to improve our platform and we do appreciate your continue patience. To access our ticket system you should see a "Support" button found in the upper right hand corner of the website as shown here -

    We also have a few locations to determine our Live Chat hours of operation. At this time our live chat hours are posted within the FAQ, on the Live Chat client window itself (Bottom Right Corner), and our "Getting Support" knowledgebase article found here. With your input, we have also gone ahead and updated our support page to include the Live Chat hours of operation there as well :).

    Thank you for taking the time to share about your experiences here at MCProHosting. I would love to hear more from you to ensure your time spent here is nothing but the best! I have created a private conversation with you to continue the conversation and to ensure the situation is addressed properly. You can view this message by selecting the Envelope in the top right corner next to your name.

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