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    Frequently Asked Questions on Forum.

    FAQ-1. Server Pending:

    1. Login Control Panel and check if the server is listed.
    2. Login Client Area and check under "Services" if the server is Pending or Active.
    3. In Client Area, check for Outstanding Invoices to be paid.
    4. Notify Billing Department. -Link

    FAQ-2. Purchased a server, But can't Login Control Panel:

    1. Login Client Area, Under "Services", Click Active. Under "Hosting Information" enter Username into Control Panel with created password.
    2. If not Successful Login, Rest Control Panel Password. -Link
    3. Attempt to Login again. -Link
    4. Contact Login/Password Help Support Department. -Link

    FAQ-3. Purchased a server, But can't Login Client Area:

    1. Login Control Panel, Click on "Profile" and copy/paste Email into Client Area with created password.
    2. If Successful Login, Go to Hello, {Name} and Edit Contact Details correctly. If not Successful Login Reset Client Area Password. -Link
    3. If still not able to login Contact Support. -Link

    FAQ-4. Purchased a server, But is not displayed in Control Panel:

    1. Login Client Area and check under "Services" if the server is Pending or Active.
    2. In Client Area, check for Outstanding Invoices to be paid.
    3. Notify Support Department. -Link

    FAQ-5. Node Experiencing Issues error message on Control Panel:

    1. Check Network Status for Notifications on your Node ID. -Link
    2. Create a Ticket to General Support. -Link

    FAQ-6. Credit Card denied when Correct details:

    1. Create a Ticket with Billing Support Department about this issue. -Link

    FAQ-7. How to change my Control Panel username:

    1. Create a Ticket with Login/Password Help Department requesting username change in Control panel.
    Ticket Requires in description.
    • Current Username.
    • New Username.

    FAQ-8. How to change my Forum Username:

    1. Head over to your account settings and look for the tab listed as "User name change". You should be given the ability to enter your new username which will then be pushed through an approval process. If your desired name is approved you will be notified on the forums via alerts.
    • Username must not be active or in use
    • May only change your username within a 30 day period.
    • The previous name used, once changed, will then be available to the public and can not be reverted until said 30 days are up.

    FAQ-9. Server is Crashing:

    1. Login Control Panel, In FTP Files Access open EULA.txt. At the end set False to True then save. Start??
    2. Create Ticket to Plugin Support if Bukkit or Spigot. Mod Support for Modded servers.
    3. Create Thread to "HelpDesk" on Forum. -Link

    FAQ-10. Purchased a Server, But can't log in:

    1. Login to the Control Panel, Check if the server is online.
    2. Check the numeric IP is correct.
    3. Check Connection by Direct Number IP.
    4. Contact General Support Department. -Link

    FAQ-11. Sub-Domain Not working:

    1. Check Sub-Domain is correct.
    2. Contact Sub-Domain Department. -Link
    FAQ-12. Plugins are not working at all on my server.
    1. Check you are using "Bukkit" or "Spigot" as your Server Type.
    2. Check your plugins are compatible with your "Server Type" version.
    3. Check you have installed Plugin's correctly -Link
    4. Contact Plugin Support. -Link
    FAQ-13. How do I purchase "McProhosting Addon's" after I have purchased a server already:
    1. Login Client Area, Then on the sidebar go "Services" then "View Available Addons"
    2. Select an Addon to purchase.
    3. For your Addon of choice is not Available Contact Billing Support and request the addon -Link

    FAQ-14. My Minecraft Launcher is experiencing issues such as invisible items, Crashig and more:

    1. Restart launcher with the latest server version that suits your server version and reconnect.
    2. Check and set your Texture-Packs to Default and check if this helps.
    3. Rename the .minecraft folder located in C:\Users\ProfileName\AppData\Roaming and reboot Minecraft. This will reinstall Minecraft.
    4. If you like to keep server lists and inside your renamed .minecraft folder transfer the Saves Folder and Servers.dat to the new .minecraft folder.
    FAQ-15. My Saved Servers list has disappeared from my Launcher after restarting Minecraft:
    1. Navigate to your .minecraft folder located in your C:\Users\ProfileName\AppData\Roaming
    2. Lock for the Server.dat_tmp and rename to server.dat and restart launcher.
    FAQ-16. How to install resource packs to my Minecraft Launcher:
    1. Search for a Resource pack that spec's your laucher version,
    2. Download a resource quility that suits your GPU power.
    • Low = 32x
    • Low = 64x
    • Med = 96x
    • High = 128x
    • Ultra = 256x or Above.
    3. Navigate to C:\Users\ProfileName\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks
    4. Transfer your Resourse .ZIP file into resourcepacks folder.
    5. Go to Options in Minecraft and Resourse Packs and ativate your Resourse Pack.
    FAQ-17. How to upload a World to my server:

      • Select the .Zip option and go OK -Preview
      • Drag the world you zipped into the FTP Files Access and wait till transfer is done.
      • Once transfer file the and select the select Unzip. -Preview
      • Navigate to your control panel main page and find the World section.
      • Select Add World and enter the worldname you added in FTP Files Acces without .zip -Preview
      • Click Save and start your server.
    For further assistance contact, @TylerD or @ChrisC or recommended Support Department.
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