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    Do you find yourself in need of something to do while waiting for furnaces to burn or mobs to spawn on your server? Then these 2 great MicroGames, that function using a GUI, will work perfectly for you!


    GameBox is the perfect plugin for waiting or for some quick casual games. The plugin makes use of GUIs to generate all sorts of different games. Including CookieClicker, MineSweeper, and even BattleShip.

    The plugin includes a Multiplayer addon so these games can be played against other players. This addon can be found below:

    GameBox is a great plugin for all servers, as it can be used when a player is waiting for something else or just to have a small break from mining and building.


    Have you ever played 20 questions to guess an object or person with a friend? This is the Minecraft version of 20 questions. This game is fully played using a GUI, so it’s very simple to install and use.

    Minator supports an impressive array of possible objects and people, so you’ll have a tough time stumping this plugin.

    I’d recommend this plugin for all servers as it’s a fun distraction from regular gameplay. :D

    We have a great guide available for installing plugins here:

    If you experience issues with the installation or setup of this plugin, feel free to contact us at any time by opening a chat with us between 12pm and 9pm EST or by submitting a ticket:

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