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    Are you looking to create a Minigames server in the future or just want some fun games to add to your current server? We’ve gone ahead and done the work for you and have located two 1.13.x compatible plugins for you to use!


    BattleGrounds is exactly as the name suggests, a BattleGround plugin for your server. This plugin is fully configurable with timers, spawn areas, and even includes 2 example arenas on the plugin’s page if you’re having trouble finding a suitable map yourself.

    This plugin includes a leveling system as well as a large array of tools to choose from. So there is a lot of variety to each game that is played.

    I’d recommend this plugin for dedicated Minigames servers but it can work very well on a large PvP server or any server with a large enough population.


    BlockBall is a great plugin for all sorts of different servers. The plugin supports being placed in a specific area, a specific world, or BungeeCord if you want to link the plugin to a network and play the game on a separate world entirely.

    BlockBall allows you to play Soccer and other Soccer related games. Not only does it allow you to play these games quickly and easy, but the plugin is also fully configurable regarding arena size, match time, and even holographic effects. BlockBall even includes a scoreboard feature so you’ll never lose track of who’s winning.

    I’d recommend this plugin for larger Mini Game servers, but it can work very well in a Hub or Lobby area or even as a small Spawn arena for PvP or PvE servers. The plugin is very versatile and fits into most server configurations with ease.

    We have a great guide available for installing plugins here:

    If you experience issues with the installation or setup of this plugin, feel free to contact us at any time by opening a chat with us between 12pm and 9pm EST or by submitting a ticket:

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