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By Eli on Jun 8, 2017 at 1:39 PM
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    Today the entire Team at MCProHosting is proud to present our most feature packed release to date. MCProHosting 3.0 is the culmination of many months of hard work and planning to provide an industry leading hosting platform.

    We decided to expand our games library to continue offering our same excellent service across all of your favorite titles. You are now able to start your very own server on the MCProHosting 3.0 platform running any of the following titles:

    • ARK

    • ARMA 3

    • Conan: Exiles

    • Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    • Counter Strike: Source

    • Garry’s Mod

    • Just Cause 2

    • Left 4 Dead 2

    • Minecraft

    • Minecraft: Pocket Edition

    • Rust

    • Starbound

    • Starmade

    • Team Fortress 2

    In addition to our expansion we have completely refreshed our website, checkout process, and control panel to offer a brand new look and feel in an effort to forge a more enjoyable and engaging experience while using our platform.

    If you haven’t already, check out our previous Development Diaries :

    We will continue to improve and update our features and utilities in an endless mission to create memorable server hosting experiences.

    If you are an active client with us thank you for your continued loyalty and patronage. We would never have made it this far without you. As a token of our gratitude use promo code 3.0 for 15% off your first 3 Months on any new game server.

    We hope you enjoy the new updates as much as we do!
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Discussion in 'Development Blog' started by Eli, Jun 8, 2017.

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