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Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by LaughNgamez, Feb 10, 2014.

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    Hello, I've been using MCPro for over 6 months now and I am finally moving on. I figure being a long time customer I should leave a review.

    I would highly recommend MCPro over all of its competitors if you are going to do a Minecraft featured host. Price and support compared to other hosts is top notch.

    I started hosting with MCPro mid August and have certainly had an experience, fortunately none too bad.

    I originally started with an 8gb a month plan when my old host let me down time and time again. Over the past 6 months I have massed up only 9 tickets when in a shorter amount of time with my old host I had 50.

    Now I'll list the pros and cons of MCPH


    - Super fast live chat support, the live chat is on almost 24/7 (They stated they rolled out 24/7 live chat and it's almost true)
    - Fast set up. MCPH set up for my server was almost instant, upgrading and downgrading is also very fast.
    - Nice website + active twitter account.
    - Price the price is very good.
    - Use of multicraft. In my opinion it is the best server panel.
    - Their forums auto save drafts when their customers type reviews like this one. (Enjoy the little things)
    - Unlimited Storage. My previous host wiped all of my data because I went over the storage limit.


    - Lag on larger tasks. Being a server with a steady but small player base the lag was bad on heavier tasks. A world save would lag the server heavily for 5-30 seconds. A reload would cause a complete server crash, I believe this issue was due to CPU limits (we do not have this issue on our current host).

    - The live chat. It is great no doubt but some issues include the long Que and wait times. One of the most frustrating things with the host is when you wait 30+ minutes to talk to someone only to be told to "submit a ticket".

    - Random lag spikes/network downtime. We ran into this issue on and off for quite some time, the server would begin to lag and crash disconnecting me from the control panel for about 5-15 minutes at a time.(I could not load the page). By the time I had reached some one on live chat the lag/disconnection had resolved itself. I talked to 3+ support agents and they all seemed to claim it was an issue with my configuration, but how could a plugin cause me to disconnect from the control panel? It was clearly an issue on their side. This issue was not a constant pain but when it had this issue it would occur randomly for days at a time every month or so.

    - Their DDoS protection is not what it could be, we have been hit and lagged quite a bit. It works and prevents most attacks though.

    - Their plans could be reworked, It seems they chose random RAM amounts and prices for their plans. The numbers/amounts could be increased at a steady increment. The increments the plans increase at are not solid nor do they match. Also apparently an "Iron Plan" is "Best for FTB" yet I have no idea where they got that statement as the best $-RAM ratio plan is the "Dirt Plan" with the "Iron Plan" being on of the worst. See the bottom of this post for all the $-RAM ratio's per plan.

    - Their staff murdered me over a misunderstanding when they hosted the Mindcrack charity stream :p. This is actually a pro because they have a great sense of community and connection to their clients!

    Summary: If you are new to hosting or plan on using a Minecraft featured host use MCPH for sure, there few flaws to me will likely not impact your experience with them. I came over 2 hosts before MCPH and MCPH has been the best!

    Why I left?: I left due to needing a dedicated box to set up a hub server, ordering multiple servers from MCPH was not an efficient option for me.

    Bang Per Buck MCPH Plan Ratio:

    Air = 94 MB per $1
    Dirt = 128 MB per $1
    Grass = 102 MB per $1
    Stone = 92 MB per $1
    Coal = 93 MB per $1
    Iron = 80 MB per $1
    Gold = 88 MB per $1
    Lapis = 83 MB per $1
    Redstone = 80 MB per $1
    Diamond = 78 MB per $1
    Obsidian = 73 MB per $1
    Emerald = 77 MB per $1
    Bedrock = 75 MB per $1

    Thanks for the great successful hosting MCPH & the MCPH Team it's been great thanks! I am much more glad to leave on better terms than my previous hosts!
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    Their plans should be re-worked.
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    I believe that everything you stated was pretty accurate. Obviously in this day and age nothing is perfect. We are always growing and improving to give our Clients a better experience overall. There was only one bit I wanted to go into, being a Live Chat Representative myself.

    At most times we have 3/4 agents working on Live Chat to try and keep the queue down. However every questions is different. Every client is different. Sometimes we'll get a person asking something that takes a few minutes, others can take up to an hour. Sometimes longer. :( But we do try to be as quick and accurate when helping people. With that, there are limitations. We don't provide extensive plugin or modpack support over Live Chat due to the time it would take. In those cases we suggest creating a ticket.

    Oh and:

    The "Best for FTB" has nothing to do with the price/ram ratio. It's simply stating that that plan has enough RAM to support FTB without lag, where as the modpack would be nearly unplayable on anything less.
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