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    ScriptCraftJS has been around for a long time. It's stable and feature-rich. It's a plugin that allows developers to create other plugins in JavaScript rather than Java. It's used in code camps for teaching JavaScript in a fun and familiar Minecraft environment, and at home with families who want to learn together. I have a MCPH server and have been running this here for a long time.

    As with many plugins, the original author (Walter Higgins) has simply run out of time to maintain it after writing the plugin, blog, and a whole book dedicated to the concept. So I've assumed "stewardship" for this great plugin, and have updated it to MC 1.12.1, JRE 1.8, and Nashorn (formerly Rhino). I've added new documentation, have been updating the existing docs, and have processed some enhancement requests from the author's GitHub repo. Before getting posted to the live repository I'm now offering it as a BETA through my GitHub repo. I'm hoping to attract new users who want to try it, and I welcome all comments and suggestions to ensure it's good to go production. When production, it will be offered on the original GitHub repo and on the Bukkit/Spigot download page.

    I'm also building a new website to replace the old existing ScriptCraftJS.org site. This will ultimately be a home for all help and docs, forums, classroom projects, JavaScript plugin sharing, event notification about code camps, and fundraising to support education projects.

    To get started:
    1. Please visit the GitHub repo
    2. Read the README on the first page there.
    3. See the docs folder (the docs with the longest names are the most in-depth o_O)
    4. Download the .jar from the latest_jar folder.
    5. Install like all other plugins, add to plugins folder and restart server.
    Again comments, bug reports, doc notes, and all suggestions are welcome - here or in the GitHub repo Issues area. More docs are being written before production but I believe this is production quality.

    Public/social venues:
    Thanks for your interest!

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