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Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by BaronStomper, Jul 25, 2017.

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    I've been looking for the best server lately, i'm tied between this service and another. The thing keeping me from making the decision is the fact that there some nightmarish reviews and stories out there about mcprohosting. Could someone explain why that was? (Please refrain from stating your own experience, because you had a good time with mcprohosting doesn't mean it's guaranteed for everyone else) Maybe a hacking incident or hard times?
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    I am happy to answer this @BaronStomper

    The fact of the matter is that satisfied clients are less likely to seek out methods to leave a review of their good experiences. MCProHosting doesn't currently have an official system for reviews, like you'd see on Google Apps or in many marketing outlets. Because it's not so in their face and easily accessible, they typically don't bother. However on the other end of the spectrum, unhappy clients will usually seek out any opportunity to share their experiences. This can sometimes be to give them a sort of validation or simply to vent frustration. Naturally those who are upset with the service they have experienced wish to share that with others to dissuade them from going down the same path. The problem you see here is that because the happy clients are busy enjoying the service, we see an overwhelming percentage of the reviews being negative.

    To touch on the review methods in other markets, Apps typically have a review section right on the product page so that as you update or perhaps visit the product page for more information, you can easily leave a review seamlessly. Sometimes they even push notifications to their user base with things like "Thanks for using our App, let us know what you think here". Other businesses will send emails to new customers welcoming them to leave a review, which grabs their attention and is more likely to get positive reviews.

    I don't work for MCPH, but I'd imagine that is something they either have in the works or is on their idea board. A separate forum for reviews, as you can see, doesn't promote a fair grounds for testimonials.

    Thank you for the great question. :)
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