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    Hello everyone!

    Today we are rolling out some new features which should help everyone out in the future. The system will be in testing throughout these upcoming weeks as more users start to use it. We have implemented a new "Best Answer" system which will allow thread creators and community members to vote on posts in our help sub-forums to choose which post helped the most for the original topics question. Banners will be displayed for "Best Posts" to highlight which made the biggest impact and to avoid digging through large threads if it were the case.

    Here are a few stats -

    The minimum votes for a post to be considered "Best Post" : 10
    Members votes count for 1 point.
    Moderators votes count for 2 points
    Administrator votes count for 3 points.
    Functions in the following sub-forums:
    • Help Desk
    • Performance Tips
    • System Administration
    • Mod & Plugin Suggestions

    Along with the banner displayed on the thread you will also receive a section on your personal profile listed as "Answers". This section will display the count for time you have the "Best Post" in a certain area.

    We again will make changes throughout time and hope everyone enjoys the recent changes. As always if you have any questions or comments feel free to message me directly or leave them down below.

    Best Regards,

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