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Discussion in 'System Administration' started by Benni, Sep 16, 2016.

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    @TylerD, I'am wondering about your "Plugin Setup" Can you change the &6things example: &6There are &c2 &7players online. To like example: &7There are &e2 &7players online. And stuff like that?

    One more thing, can you create plugins like a skyblock plugin, or config askyblock for me?

    Just wondering for when/if I start my minecraft server.
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    Hi Benni, I don't think you know what the Plugin Setup is all about. What MCPH offers for that is that why can / will set up any plugin or plugins to your liking. All you have to do is simply tell them how you want it setup, and they'll do it. You could also have them set up 5, and only 5 server ranks. You would need a permission plugin and a group plugin, such as GroupManager. They will provide you with a format that they require you to fill out with the said information. I hopes this helps.

    And just an FYI Benni, the "System Administration" page is not for MInecraft servers. Its primarily for the forums. If you need help, let me know, create a ticket or post your thread(s) in the Community forums or Help Desk.
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    The plugin setup is as joker described
    However custom plugins are not covered by that. If you would like a custom plugin, Bukkit has a forums for that found here.
    I believe however, the configuring of the ASkyblock plugin is covered by that.
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