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    Hello ladies and gentlemen,
    Hope you're all having a splendid day/night,

    Basically I'm just posting this thread saying that I've been making minecraft servers for the past five years now, and with this 'experience' I personally feel that I could help others with older/newer plugins (For the newer plugins, ever so slightly though, as you know they're 'New' and I may not of had time to see how their mechanics work)

    About me (If you ever wanted me to help out with your server/network)

    Well, let's begin this with Hello there my name is Matin (Nickname: Mat) I'm a seventeen year old Junior (Freelance) Java developer, I've been coding for the past two years now. With minecraft there is no real 'stopping' the game as it's always looking new pathways with new opportunities of amazing things, I've bought minecraft back in September 22nd 2012, (Fun fact: Ten days after my birthday :D) I'm based in the United Kingdom (So that maybe difficult for helping servers/owners located in the USA or around that region) but my working hours are pretty 'intense' if you'd like to call it, basically from 8 AM in the morning to around 9/10PM every single day all week (So we're looking at 13/14 hours of work!)

    Sorry about this long post,
    But yeah, If you have any issues/questions don't be afraid to either:
    1) Reply to this thread
    2) Message me here on the forums. :)

    My ToS: There's a slight agreement, I'll code up to three plugins for yourself or your network. Saves me stressing myself out with crazy amount of Custom plugins. This may be lifted when I feel like I can handle it, but for now it'll stay. :)

    Side note: I will not ask for your control panel, I'll only work on the task that's given to me. + all this work will NOT be for money. :)

    Warm regards,
    - Matin (vxson)
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    Thank you mat for this information about helping others!
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