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By Cade Y on Jun 30, 2017 at 2:40 PM
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    Hi all! Here’s a summary of all the changes and improvements we have made since our last site update.

    Feature: The name of your Garry’s Mod or CS:GO server is now easily configurable from your control panel.

    Feature: Your game server control panel will look slightly different now - on the left-hand sidebar you will no longer see a Files tab, but rather just the options for Configuration and FTP File Access.

    Feature: Garry’s Mod servers now support mods from the workshop! These can be added to your server as a workshop collection. Guides for doing this may be found here:

    Feature: We now update our game library every hour from Steam. As long as you have automatic updates enabled, you can have these installed by simply restarting your server.
    Feature: Lost your server’s files? No worries! You can now directly contact a member of our Restorations department via a ticket so that we can get anything that was lost properly restored and working once more.

    Fix: FTP File Access has been improved across the board to prevent issues some were seeing with the web interface locking up and freezing while uploading.
    Fix: There were issues reported with CS:GO servers not properly changing their game types.
    Fix: Starbound servers will now properly update upon restarting.

    Over the next week
    We are still working towards improving our support for ARK servers. We are working hard over the next week to load up tons of new configuration options that you can make to your server right from the control panel.

    For games that support it, we will be adding a “Connect to your server” button that will allow you to jump right into the game with the click of a button.
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Discussion in 'Development Blog' started by Cade Y, Jun 30, 2017.

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