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By Dusty A on Aug 8, 2017 at 2:09 PM
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    To begin this post, we’re happy to announce that we have increased the amount of backup space provided by default on all servers. Instead of 1GB of space for your backups, we have tripled this to 3GB! This takes effect for all existing and future users of the MCProHosting platform.

    • Feature: You can now force updates to your server directly from Steam in our new Update Server tab in your control panel. For those that like to start fresh with their servers, you may also reset your installation from this page as well.

    • Feature: We now offer WebRCON support for Rust! This means that you can issue commands to your Rust server straight from the Console tab of your control panel, rather than having to use an external RCON client.

      • Should you wish to use an external client regardless, you may still do so.
    • Feature: Oxide for Rust may now automatically be installed from our Server Type module.

    • Feature: CS:GO servers may now define custom startup command lines from your Configuration module.

    • Feature: When submitting a ticket you will now be able to view the name of the server rather than just its plan and control panel ID. This helps a lot for those with multiple servers!

    • Feature: Had some issues with BukGet in the past? Not anymore! We’ve updated our entire plugin repository with all the latest and greatest plugins currently available.

    • Feature: MCPE server owners may have noticed a handy new server type - we’re proud to now offer Nukkit on all MCPE servers.
    • Fix: Our checkout process sometimes showed some errors that weren’t very helpful in identifying the problem. Any errors you see now should be much more in-depth.

    • Fix: If your username was active on another account, and you attempted to check out with a different e-mail address, your order would fail to activate after payment. We’ve implemented some measures to fix this.

    • Fix: We identified an issue where the checkout process would mark all subdomains as available, even if they may not have been. We have since corrected this to prevent any confusion after ordering.

    Coming Up Soon
    • We have support for two new games almost complete! Can you guess what they are?

    • Additional automatic RCON connectivity will be offered for ARK, Source Games, and more.


Discussion in 'Development Blog' started by Dusty A, Aug 8, 2017.

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