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    Have you ever wanted a plugin on your server that allows you to ride any mob without needing to use specific commands or saddles? Well then, Ridables is here for you!

    Ridables is a plugin that allows you to ride any mob that you would like. Yes, that means that you can ride Creepers, Cows, Squids, and even EnderDragons! :eek: If you desire, there is a function that allows the spawning of mobs, such as Giants, that normally wouldn’t be a function in standard Minecraft

    That’s not all, the plugin even includes special abilities for select mobs. Some mobs, such as Ghasts, can use the ‘Action Key’ or SpaceBar to lob projectiles. Witches can toss potions, and Creepers can be made to self-destruct. If this is something you’re not entirely interested in, all of these actions are configurable. You can remove block damage from mobs such as Ghasts and Withers, and even change the potion type for Witches. This plugin is definitely made with multiplayer in mind!

    Unfortunately, due to the limitations of Minecraft, there are instances when the plugin can cause a bit of load on the server when players are riding at the same time. This increase is very slight, but it can be noticeable if too many players are using the plugin at once.

    Overall, if you’re looking for a fun perk for long-time players or VIPs, I’d recommend this plugin for you, as it checks all the boxes of a great plugin. It’s very easy to use, the configuration file is self-explanatory and simple to configure. Ridables is up-to-date and works great on 1.13.x servers.

    You can find this plugin at the following location:

    We have a great guide available for installing plugins here:

    You can find more information regarding the plugin and each mob here:

    If you experience issues with the installation or setup of this plugin, feel free to contact us at any time by opening a chat with us between 12pm and 9pm EST or by submitting a ticket:
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