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    Are you looking for a GUI Shop plugin that lets you set up your shop in-game without the need for complicated configuration files? Then Shop is the perfect GUI Shop for your needs! :D

    Shop allows you to edit each GUI page in-game by simply dragging and dropping objects into a GUI. You can make beautiful shops quickly and easily without the fuss of opening several different shop pages in your FTP and having to manually input each slot number and price.

    Shop is very easy to use, you simply create your first page in-game using a command, and then configure your shops from there. You can drag-n-drop objects into your shop and use editing prompts to edit prices or even enable trades. This allows you to create a shop that looks nice and functions exactly as you want it to. You can add glass panes or other objects to the shop’s GUI to fill out empty spaces, or you can place your blocks exactly where you’d like them to be.

    Shop is fully compatible with the Citizens plugin! :eek: You can set up ShopKeepers or NPCs that open your Shop or open a specific page of your Shop by having players interact with your NPCs. Looking to have a Villager man your shop or have several different Mobs open different pages of your shop? This plugin makes that possible.

    Not only does shop supports NPCs, but it also supports PlaceHolderAPI! PlaceHolderAPI is a plugin that allows you to insert placeholders, or tags, into chat or into your shop. The uses for this function are boundless as you can add player’s names to your shop or display specific information related to your shop’s contents.

    In conclusion, Shop is a great plugin for all servers that would like an easy to use GUI Shop experience. Shop supports unlimited pages, trading, and everything is done in-game. With added compatibility for NPCs and PlaceHolderAPI, Shop is a must-have for any server that wants to use a Shop GUI plugin.

    You can find the Shop plugin here:

    We have a great guide for installing Minecraft plugins here:

    First-time setup instructions for the plugin can be found here:

    If you experience issues with the installation or setup of this plugin, feel free to contact us at any time by opening a chat with us between 12pm and 9pm EST or by submitting a ticket:
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