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    I have a dedicated server and it was working fine till yesterday when a missed payment shut my server down for a small period of time. I have sence resolved that issue but now when ever i try to connect to one of the different types of game servers that i have installed it is as if they do not respond. I have multicraft and the multicraft webpage will not load, i try puttying in to the server to check the status of my ark server which says its online however when i go to load it from the ark server list its not there. can some one tell me what i need to do to get my server working right
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    You may need to restart the daemon and apache. That OS are you using on the server? Centos 6, 7, Ubuntu, etc?

    Here is a full guide on how to do that but they may not working if you not using Apache or httpd or Mariadb. If your multicraft start script doesn't work you may need to use Terminal to find its path on install and find the BIN folder in multicraft to start multicraft.

    1. Connect to your Dedicayed server by Terminal-(PuTTy).
    2. You command # Sudo REBOOT
    3. after reconnecting to terminal after reboot
    4. Start Apache

    5. Start MySQL-server

    6. Start Multicraft Daemon.

    4. Start Apache2
    5. Start MySQL
    6. Start Multicraft Daemon.

    Could be
    @Cory what your your start scripts for dedicated servers that Mcprohosting install?
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