PENDING Snapshot Vanilla "Steve" Grade Server Lag

Discussion in 'Help Desk' started by Manibog, Dec 23, 2018.

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    Dec 23, 2018
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    I've been running a small entirely vanilla snapshot server using the Steve option using this service. Unfortunately after we hit three people on at the same time yesterday the game started to lag. The more we played, the worse the lag got, to the point we could do nothing without rubberbanding right back to where we were.

    Right now the server console the site provides says that 100% of CPU and 100% of RAM allocation is being used by the server at pretty much all times.

    Could anyone help me with resolving the lag issue? It's a very small server, and we shouldn't be getting this kind of issue, I feel, even using snapshot versions of Minecraft.

    I've tried turning down the server draw distance, and changing it to peaceful to prevent most of the mob spawns, but neither seems to help at all. I've also tried restarting and stopping the server.
  2. Kevin L

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    Feb 5, 2014
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    Hey Manibog!

    I am so sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue and we would love to help you!

    Snapshot versions of Minecraft can be quite unstable and can result in lag even with a few players.
    This is due to snapshots not being completed builds of Minecraft.

    Snapshots can contain bugs and incompleted blocks/mobs that can result in bugs, lag, and crashing.

    If you plan to play on your server, we would recommend a more stable version of Minecraft such as the latest version, 1.13.2.
    Your server would perform better on a stable version of Minecraft.

    If you have any further questions or issues, please let us know and we would love to help!

    Best Regards,
    Kevin L.

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