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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by PandemicMoon08, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. PandemicMoon08

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    One of my three suggestions (the other two were posted here) is that you stop using Hypixel's server as your test server. You offer him unlimited ram and servers so he gets what he needs. This means that people are not always going to get a feel for the service they personally will be getting. This sends a bad vibe to me and possible potential clients. Also, if your capable of maintaining a server as great as his, it shouldn't be hard for you to make a semi-good test server.
  2. KitPVP-Ultimate

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    +1, they should make one that shows like 0/20.000, and allow /pl and show above 300 plugins without lag, thats too many advertising for mc hypixel, something like that, must have costed about what? 40.000 dollars to pay to MCprohosting, i think
  3. Chad

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    Okay, for starter lag is determined about what you do with the server. If Hypixel didn't manage his server properly and have enough RAM for the amount of users and plugins he had they there would be lag.

    Secondly the idea of a test server is to test your latency, not the server lag. None of our plans come with server lag. If your server starts lagging then this is due to a number of reasons. If you leave a server on and nobody touches it, it won't lag.
    Lag can be caused by, too many plugins, mobs, animals, items. I've seen from 1,000-140,000+ entities (items on ground, mobs animals) on a server before which would cause severe lag. Other than this a plugin spamming errors would cause lag and this is always denoted in your console.

    And finally, we do have a new test server at Test.MCProHosting.com however we are still testing it before putting it back on our website which is why in the meantime we suggest testing latency at mc.hypixel.net
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  4. PandemicMoon08

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    Your also testing the connection. For example the only people in my server that have lag are people from Australia. Also, I knew you had a test server, I just wanted you to use that instead of Hypixel's.
  5. Sekonda

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  6. danchessplayer

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    I agree with your statement making a test server will be more enjoyable for clients who might purchase because the Server they are going to buy will PROBLY not be anything like hypixel.net. Having a test server will get them to experiment and feel the non lag of mcprohosting. Plus some clients with old computers lag on ally crowded servers.

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