Minecraft The Vanilla Survival Experience - Fresh Server - No PvP

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    Completely fresh SMP server. 100% Vanilla, no mods, no plugins, and 99% rule free.

    • No Whitelist (yet).
    • No PvP. However, trolling of others is allowed with various player made traps etc. If you fall for a trap, don't cry, take it like a champ and get revenge with your own trap.
    • With that said, being randomly killed by a random person can be frustrating, and as such, Gamerule [keepInventory] will be enabled for all players. If you want someone's stuff, you will need to steal from chests. This will encourage players to get creative at hiding their loot, making Ender Chests, and employing traps to discourage would-be thieves.
    • Large scale griefing is not allowed, and will incur a perma ban. It's all fun and games until someone's base is destroyed.
    • There are no plugins, but the server is set to create a backup every 4 hours. As such, if major destruction does occur, the server will be rolled back for everyone.
    • Server difficulty is set to Hard (deal with it)
    • There will only be one Admin/Op. Me. Don't ask to be Op'd, you wont get it, and you will annoy me. First time offense gets a kick. Second time offense will get a temp ban of roughly 24 hours. Third offense is perma ban. Simple solution, do not asked to be Op'd.
    • Mob Griefing is turned off, because screw that rando Creeper that shows up out of no where to blow a hole in your yard, or mine.
    • maxEntityCramming has been increased past the default of 24 to 100. If at any point this becomes to much, it will be halved.
    • If you wish to be teleported away from the spawn area, which is rather quaint and includes a Reef just offshore, look for the player Teegan to be online. This is my account. Ask nicely, and provide me with some coordinates, and I will happily teleport you, just once.

    If this sounds like something you are interested in, then join away.

    -Server Name-
    The Vanilla Survival Experience

    -Server IP-

    If player count starts to become an issue and impacts server performance, a Whitelist will be implemented, and player count will be capped at 50/100. At that point, players who have joined who wish to stay, will be required to post here saying that they wish to stay. The Whitelist would be first come, first serve.

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