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    Rust supports Oxide, opening up endless possibilities for customizing your Rust server through the use of Oxide plugins. These dangerously fun plugins offer infinite amounts of customizability from completely changing the loot drops of the game to making custom Rust kits players can use in-game!
    You can find a list of Oxide plugins here.

    Here are some useful Rust plugins you can use on your Rust server!

    [1] Gather Manager

    The #1 most downloaded Rust Oxide plugin, Gather Manager allows for increasing the number of resources a player gains when gathering from dispensers, mining quarries, using survey charges, and object pickups such as rocks and wood logs. Using Gather Manager, you will also have the ability to increase how many items a dispenser can hold!

    [2] Rust Kits
    This Rust Oxide plugin adds the ability to create kits and use them in-game through a /kit command. This is very similar to Minecraft kits, including kit limits, cooldowns, and even autokits players can get when joining or respawning on the server. Rust Kits also supports different kits for players, donators, and staff!

    [3] N-Teleportation
    Bring teleportation to your Rust server with this Oxide plugin! Bringing support for homes, warps, and teleporting, this plugin is the ultimate get-around plugin for your server! N-Teleportation even includes supports the ability to add a cost for teleporting with the use of the Rust Oxide Economics plugin.

    Have a Rust Oxide plugin you want to suggest to others? Reply to this thread!

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